Venus Square Midheaven

Venus Square Midheaven Natal

Your vocational path and public reputation will have strong associations with the significations of Venus when you’re born with Venus squaring your midheaven. You may become heavily involved in the performing or visual arts, or instead utilize your creativity as a designer or decorator. You may also become involved in work that involves unifying and bringing people together around a common goal. You can have a charming and alluring way with others that enables you to be persuasive in securing supportive resources for your aspirations. However, you need to be careful not to lose touch with your own inner values and integrity in the process. It will be important for you to find fulfillment outside of your workplace, so you don’t become fixated on meeting your needs for validation and acceptance through your public work. This will help you assert your authenticity in pursuit of your aspirations, rather than doing things in order to be liked and admired by others.

Venus Square Midheaven Transit

A square from transiting Venus to your natal midheaven is a good time to assert yourself in your community or the wider public in some way. You’re likely to feel confident, with enhanced charisma in making a favorable impression on others. This can be an active and busy time in your relationships, with conversations or encounters spurring you toward initiating new developments and growth along your vocational path. Be willing to cooperate and collaborate with others, so that you can delegate some of the increased responsibilities that will come with any expansion in your work. It’s also possible that important relationships and work experiences during this time will cause you to question and reevaluate your aspirations. You may realize that you are experiencing significant changes in the qualities you admire and wish to develop within yourself. Alternatively, the vision and image you hold of success may begin shifting in a way that alters the goals you wish to set and achieve.

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