Jupiter opposite Midheaven

Jupiter Opposite Midhaven Natal

Perhaps you've felt a lifelong uneasiness about career demands and your own personal sanctity and sovereignty. One or both parents may have spent a lot of time away from home when you were growing up, so you've come to associate work as what takes you away from family and comfort. You likely go along with this idea until, as you age, you relish more your own personal space and time with dear ones (whether your birth or chosen family). Then you'll want to feel lasting and broad roots at home, as well as experiencing the world. On some level, this means you do want it all: great family ties and an awesome career. And you can likely have it! For example, you want to travel and know what the world has to offer, but also know what and when your pet is having dinner. Just start with a strong home base, and branch out from there.  

Jupiter Opposite Midhaven Transit

You might feel a sharp divide between career and domestic demands, including wanting to spend more time either at the office or at home. It seems hard to have both—and that's probably a good thing. Chances are, things are off-kilter with you, your birth or chosen family, your physical abode, or a combination of all of these. Like a tree or any creature that walks on the earth, you'll find it difficult to reach toward the sky if you don't have a solid, stable core. Err on the side of giving more attention to your home life, even though initially, your work and ambitions might appear to suffer. You're not shelving your goals forever; you're broadening your base. That might mean you must change residences or rearrange your current space for greater comfort. But you'll be able to leap higher in the world and land better when you're happier at home.

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