Mars Conjunct Midheaven

Mars Conjunct Midheaven Natal

You feel marked for success and to climb however far you can and will go. The sky is not the limit for you, and you perhaps resent any implication that there should be any limits to what you can or want to do. With that attitude, you'd do better to work in a field where either you can work independently or be a top dog. In fact, winning is highly important to you, and competitive sports or military service favors you, as well. Yet, remember winning isn't everything. It also matters how you excel. You definitely want to be all that you can be, especially when it comes to worldly acclaim. However, know that you do have to pay your dues as you push forward in the world. If you try to skip steps or rush ahead, you might incur resentment from those you surpass and from higher-ups.  

Mars Conjunct Midheaven Transit

This is almost like a cosmic "green light" from the cosmos to vault forward with your goals and ambitions. Of course, that doesn't mean you're going to get all that you want as much as you possess the drive and daring to reach for it. No need to be rash or rush. Make your approach toward your goals in stages. Ask first. And if you're ignored or told no, identify and pursue the steps that could get you faster to "yes." Your extra energy and zest might ruffle the feathers of more comfortable workmates. Some measure of that is unavoidable. But you want to be careful about picking any unnecessary fights. Those could distract you from achieving your ultimate objectives. When you're competitive, you don't necessarily need competition to be better. Blaze your own trail on your terms as much as possible and you'll stand out easily.

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