Jupiter Conjunct Midheaven

Jupiter Conjunct Midheaven Natal

You were born with the feeling that you belonged at the top. At your best, it’s because you were keenly aware that you have gifts and talents to share, and you could only do that with the power and resources available at the top. At your worst, though, it’s because you believe you're better than others—or that some don't have what it takes to make it. Few likely reach the top wholly by themselves. We experience what some call a “lucky break,” or we have good mentors. You perhaps benefit from both or either of these circumstances. But you're also likely destined to provide someone with a lucky break or to become a mentor yourself. You're more the good steward who comes to benefit from their excellent stewardship. But you must never forget that what you've done or possessed hasn't always been yours... and it likely won't stay yours forever.

Jupiter Conjunct Midheaven Transit

You might rocket up in the ranks, or see many opportunities for professional growth and development surface. If you're levelheaded about this newfound prosperity, then you'll look for ways to reinvest your boon into even greater growth. You won't squander it only on things that could prove liabilities, like multiple luxury items all at once. Of course, you've earned the right to enjoy your success—but don't overdo it. You might also come to work with very different people than you have before. Resist the temptation, though, to rest on your laurels. Or to believe that now that you've “made it,” you have a right to treat others as less than you. You're in the position to share more of your talents with graciousness and generosity. Be grateful to whoever or whatever inspires your appreciation and awe for the majestic wonders of life.

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