Jupiter Trine Midheaven

Jupiter Trine Midheaven Natal

With good reason, you often trust that you will have the health and material resources you need to advance toward your career goals and ambitions. Others, like family or even complete strangers, are inspired to help you in many ways because they believe in you and the quality of your character. This is also true for higher-ups. They see you as someone who will be responsible and who values a good reputation. You're equally ready to help others with their dreams and ambitions, without anything in return. You tend to believe that it's important to “pay it forward” as a way of giving back. This suggests that you might also be interested in philanthropy, either as a donor or an associate of others who are big-hearted toward those in need. Perhaps the most challenging lesson for you is recognizing that you can't help everyone. Unlike you, some folks aren't hooked into doing and being better.

Jupiter Trine Midheaven Transit

You're motivated to advance toward your professional goals, and probably feel like you have a cosmic seal of approval. Your confident yet unassuming manner now makes you an attractive candidate for promotion or hire. You have faith that you have the resources and skills to merit asking for more. You're just as generous with your time, money, and energy for others, especially if they're in need. You know that what goes around comes around, and you're attuned to seeking the highest good for everyone involved (including yourself). Yet, there's only so much you can do. You can easily overextend your good intentions and abilities beyond what's possible. Some people can't properly receive the support you wish to give. Others aren't ready or haven't earned where you, in a charitable spirit, would like to see them go. Seek to meet people where they are, rather than enthusiastically trying to propel them where they might not fit.

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