Venus Sextile Midheaven

Venus Sextile Midheaven Natal

A sextile between your natal Venus and midheaven gives you the ability to use your charisma and social skills to persuade others to help you achieve your aspirations. You may enjoy collaborating with others in your work, with a friendly and approachable manner that helps you cooperate. You are someone who is able to find common ground with others, mediating differences and helping to form compromises that each side can accept. As a result, you will do well in any career field where it’s important to be a unifying and harmonizing influence on others. There is likely a strong connection between your creativity and your public role and reputation, and you may have artistic talent to cultivate within fields such as music and the performing arts. You will benefit greatly from developing a mentoring relationship with a role model, who embodies qualities you desire to emulate and aspire to develop in yourself.

Venus Sextile Midheaven Transit

When transiting Venus sextiles your natal midheaven, you may feel a subtle boost in forming contacts and relationships with people who can provide support and resources for your vocational aspirations. In general, you will feel more confident, with enhanced charisma that makes you more persuasive in gaining the favor of people who can open doors for your career pursuits. You may also feel like altering your public image so that your personal style and appearance make a more positive impression on others. Rather than having to take on excessive responsibility by yourself in pursuit of your goals, you may form collaborative relationships of equal exchange in which each person claims responsibility for their own part. If you have been experiencing conflict or disagreements with others in your workplace, during this time there may be an opening to mediate and resolve differences through a compromise solution.

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