Mars opposite Midheaven

Mars Opposite Midheaven Natal

You might feel like you're always starting from the bottom and can't get to the top fast enough. Be careful that you don't spend more time envying the success of others than nurturing your own plans and talents. Yet, envy can be useful--the emotion shows you what you want. The key, though, is to know better what you want for yourself, not be consumed by what another has. You might even attain more in a different way. Similarly, you might feel resistance from those who are (or you perceive) higher than you. Your anger and brashness probably will not make them like or act you anymore or faster. In fact, often, your anger toward their resistance will likely be more about what you've experienced and felt denied from your past than now. Your fear that it will happen again only balloons your anger and blinds you to what's different from before. Eventually, what breaks through any glass ceilings for you is your courage and determination.  

Mars Opposite Midheaven Transit

You likely face tough resistance as you advance in your career or with fulfilling life goals. Authority figures, of multiple stripes, might also anger you or be openly hostile. If necessary, you might indeed file a report with HR or some other overseeing body, if you feel you are unjustly treated. But most often you can avoid any of that, if you work with this transit differently. Perhaps the better way to squeeze the most out of this moment is to evaluate clearly whether your objectives are more about what you want and need now. Or more from what you desired in the past or for more superficial, even envy-fueled reasons. For instance, you might be upset about being denied a deserved promotion at your current job. But it's possible that you've outgrown your present company and you know you would do better making a vertical move elsewhere. Yet, you stubbornly fight for what no longer suits you.  

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