Jupiter Square Midheaven

Jupiter Square Midheaven Natal

You're particularly sensitive to people telling you what you can't do. So often, you feel you must show them. Partly, you do this because you feel a moral imperative to prove not only what you can do, but what can be done. Another reason: You don't like people defining your freedom. Yet, you are allowing others to define your freedom if you only react to what they say is possible or not. Perhaps you can reach higher heights, with others or alone, if you drop some of your adversarial edge. If you’re always proving yourself and your ability, you can’t give yourself enough breathing room to just be and let your talents and gifts develop organically. You're either in a rush to demonstrate them, or you must promise more than you're ready to deliver. That could potentially harm your reputation, and even your health, as you strive to fulfill more than what's in you.

Jupiter Square Midheaven Transit

Mainly, you're striving to break through the stratosphere of your own inhibitions and fears. Your emotions are high now, fueled partly by your own resentment and doubt that you can make up for lost time. Yet, instead, you might focus more of your attention on the resistance that you encounter from others. Perhaps, in turn, you puff yourself and your achievements up, rather than trusting that you are enough as you are. Or that, with time, you will be better. So, you avoid that deeper truth by thinking that others, like your bosses or colleagues, are the problem. One other way that you might do yourself a disservice now is to try to juggle too much. You might overwork to get ahead at the cost of your personal relationships. This might inevitably lead to a friction that could be avoided by sharing quality experiences with your partner, while also pushing forward (a little gentler) with your goals.

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