Venus opposite Midheaven

Venus Opposite Midheaven Natal

Born with Venus opposing your midheaven, you find comfort in your home and the peaceful, sacred space you cultivate for yourself by arranging your living environment in a way that pleases you. You are capable of having success in career fields that take you away from home. But you need to have a solid, supportive home environment that serves as a foundation for your external aspirations. When you feel stressed or anxious due to events and relationships from your work in the outer world, you find comfort with your family or other loved ones at home. In addition, you may be drawn toward finding support from your family ancestry or an ancestral lineage linked with your interests or spirituality. You also value exploring the sensuality of your body, as well as the depths of your subconscious realm of inner feelings.

Venus Opposite Midheaven Transit

The opposition of transiting Venus and your natal midheaven draws your attention to your home, as well as the relationships you have within your living environment. You may become interested in redecorating or rearranging your living space in a way that’s more harmonious and aesthetically pleasing. As you make it easier for yourself to relax at home and nurture yourself within protected space, you will create a stronger foundation from which you can return to your work in the outer world with a revitalized sense of renewal. In addition, relationships with family members, romantic partners, or roommates who share your living environment are likely to take precedence at this time. It will be important for you to create space away from your career in the outer world to attend to whatever needs your attention in your relationships at home. This is a good time to express your needs in these relationships, as well as listening attentively to the needs being expressed by those you’re living with.

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