Jupiter Square Ascendant

Jupiter Square Ascendant Natal

Charity might truly begin at home for you. Not just with your upbringing, if others besides your family came to care for you, but also as a key value taught and practiced at home. So, you're inclined to be generous and growth-oriented throughout your life. Yet, you might have also learned at an early age that it’s more about how you give and get to advance in life. And sometimes, you're more content to receive than to give. You have a transactional view that prompts you to keep tabs with others. You're remarkably sensitive to injustices and imbalances, whether those are directed toward you or whole groups of people. You could spend considerable energy attempting to right these wrongs and inequalities—or creating some of your own. Yet, it's important for you to remember that goodness has a way of working itself back to you if you stay with noble intentions.

Jupiter Square Ascendant Transit

You’re likely to be tasked with the opportunity to help a family member or colleague in need. You perhaps have some reservations about giving, since you may not be sure whether the potential recipient deserves it. Yet, the real fundamental issue isn't with whom you share your generosity, so much as how you choose to do it. If you're giving without expectation or judgment, then you're expressing faith—not only in your own abundance, but in what life can give back to you in different ways. If someone expresses enough effort to ask for your help, then they might not need to do more. You either choose to give or don't. Yet when you debate, even with yourself, about the goodness of others, it's a short fall toward judging them on other levels. Best to trust when you feel inspired to give and when you don't, rather than putting yourself or others through the agony of deciding.

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