Jupiter opposite Ascendant

Jupiter Opposite Ascendant Natal

Close contact with people, like lovers, friends, counselors, mentors, and especially competitors, is often how you experience exponential growth. In turn, you might vacillate between being cooperative and competitive yourself. When you're cooperative, you're likely keenly focused on being generous, kind, encouraging, and inspiring to someone in need. For example, you can be extremely dutiful and accommodating to your partners. On the other hand, when you feel your own growth is threatened, you will frequently try to outdo others. Or you want to be free from all entanglements, especially emotional ones, to focus more on yourself and what you want. You have a restlessness that could compel you to stay on the move your whole life if you don't recognize your ultimate destination. You're looking to discover more of yourself in and with others. Sometimes, though, that requires you to go deeper—rather than thinking you must move on or go broader.

Jupiter Opposite Ascendant Transit

Someone close with you (like a partner, friend, counselor, mentor, or competitor) might prompt you to come out of your shell and explore more. This will certainly improve your social prospects, directing you to attend more networking events, parties, or intimate, fun times with loved ones. You're also inclined to be generous with your time, energy, and money because you feel more open and cared for. You may want to lavish partners or love interests with the very best, partly to show your appreciation to them and partly for them to like you more. But if someone gives you a reason to defend your freedom and the protective care you've received, you might run off and disengage from others without follow-up to enjoy yourself on your own terms. Yet, that wouldn't be true freedom—it would be running away. The better use of this transit is to discover and know what and whom you want to run toward.  

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