Mars Conjunct Ascendant

Mars Conjunct Ascendant Natal

You can't help but exude that you’re sharp and direct. You likely showed talent as an executive even in the crib. Of course, it's hard to tell whether you're the go-to person for accomplishment—or if you’re just bossy. You want what you want and you think everyone should go after what he or she wants. In fact, you don't fully understand people who hold themselves back and don't go after their heart's desires. That lack of understanding, though, is often what others don't get about you. You're sometimes perceived as selfish and inconsiderate because you rarely seem to yield space for others to assert themselves. When the world pushes back, though, you feel you must be defensive and prevent things from happening to you. That’s unfortunate since you’re reactive rather than proactive. Better to stick to your overall intentions and learn to solicit feedback from others for how you're progressing with your goals.

Mars Conjunct Ascendant Transit

You have a renewed sense of mission and direction. You're urged to get things going, and that, in turn, can make you rush when you otherwise wouldn't. Instead, embrace the confidence that comes with knowing that you also have the competence to accomplish and get what you want. Then the speed doesn't matter. Your patience might also be tested in your interactions with others. You might wonder if others have always operated so slowly or with this much confusion. You're feeling the difference, not them. Yet, telling others to hurry or criticizing them won't necessarily make things happen any faster. Curb your bossiness. And be mindful of putting yourself in situations with people you know will only piss you off, like engaging that one person on social media who you know isn't going to agree with you on anything. Of course, if you need to stand up for yourself, you will and can. Just choose your battles well.  

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