Mars Trine Ascendant

Mars Trine Ascendant Natal

You're inclined to be more philosophical about how you approach what you do and how you do it. Yet, you're quick to act since you likely figure out your own thoughts about things quickly. Life is a mystery to you, but you're more amused and entertained by it than overwhelmed. That makes you easy to get along with, and you enjoy lightening other's burdens with your humor and encouraging words as you work or engage in some physical activity together. You enjoy a sporty attitude to life, whether you play sports or not. Yet, if you get too much in your head, you likely feel too much of a build-up and will need to express it, like taking a long run at your lunch break. Activities like that will help you return to an equilibrium between mind and body that you enjoy.  

Mars Trine Ascendant Transit

There are more bounce and jauntiness in your gait and mindset. You're better able to appreciate life with a sporty and philosophical approach. You can trust more than the things meant for you will come to you, without a lot of jostling and jockeying for it. That doesn't mean that you can’t compete with others for what you want, but you're more lighthearted and gracious about it. You have faith that life is looking out for you, and, in turn, you direct more trust and goodwill toward others. Life has more appeal as an adventure, so you're up for it and you can get down and comfortable with people who are willing to do the same. You can also be encouraging and inspiring for people who have trouble appreciating the grandeur of life. You help them get into the game of it all and stop sitting on the sidelines in the doldrums.

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