Jupiter Trine Ascendant

Jupiter Trine Ascendant Natal

Even if you've only lived in a small town for most of your life, you come off as a worldly, cultured person. It's partly because you have a natural interest in knowing more about the world. You also have a great facility for learning things about it, including languages and the nuances of cultures different from your own. This ease allows you to move through life with confidence and a global sense of belonging that will attract many. They may look to you as a guide or teacher, even at a young age. Yet, there will likely be a smaller number who are envious of your knowledge and manner. You're wise not to give your “haters” much attention, as there's more energy you can put into bringing the world together. Likely, you will try to do that by being hospitable and accommodating to foreigners or other cultures. Likewise, you love to experience new dimensions of yourself by visiting other countries and expressing your own creativity.

Jupiter Trine Ascendant Transit

This is an excellent transit for personal growth at many levels. You're becoming a bigger and better person. Traveling or foreigners could prove very instrumental in helping this happen. Similarly, you likely will plunge easily and deeply into some form of study. Without much effort on your part, all the elements come together. You especially benefit from any set of thoughts that are more philosophical, abstract, or spiritual. Your confidence and creativity are also very high. These increase your chances of producing interesting work, or drawing people to you (including a possible lover) who are willing to support your endeavors and you in general. Overall, you have many reasons to feel good about yourself and count yourself fortunate. You, in turn, are all too willing to share your benevolence with others in the form of charity, encouragement, loads of bon mots, and being an overall presence for good in the world.

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