Venus opposite Ascendant

Venus Opposite Ascendant Natal

Personal relationships play an extremely important role in your life when you’re born with Venus opposite your ascendant. You are continually drawn to forming relationships with others, and your friendly, approachable nature allows you to initiate new friendships and associations with ease. You can be cooperative, diplomatic, and charming when you need to, able to find ways to relax others and make them feel accepted. You are often drawn toward forming relationships with people who represent significations of Venus, such as artists, musicians, designers, and mediators. However, it will also be important for you to learn how to fulfill your own needs outside of relationships, so you don’t end up feeling dependent on others for fulfillment. It is also important to gain awareness of your own inner values as separate from your relationships so that your harmonizing skills don’t lead you to stray from your own ideals when seeking accord with others.

Venus Opposite Ascendant Transit

You will feel a strong focus directed into the realm of your personal relationships when transiting Venus opposes your ascendant. If there have been differences and disagreements simmering under the surface of relational dynamics, they will come to your attention at this time. You will have the opportunity to mediate conflict by sharing your own needs, listening to others’ needs, and finding ways to alter your relationship so that each person can have more of their needs met. It’s also possible you will become aware of new desires emerging, leading you to be attracted to new people who represent aspects of the qualities you’re feeling drawn toward. Paying attention to whatever is going on in your relationships during this time will give you insight into any shifts in the values you find most important to embody. Following your desires, while being open to change, will help you discover vital new areas of growth in which you can find expansion.

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