Venus Sextile Ascendant

Venus Sextile Ascendant Natal

A sextile between your natal Venus and ascendant adds an easygoing aspect to your personality that prefers finding harmony with others and bringing people together around common ground. There is a friendly and approachable way that you interact with others which helps you find ways of relating with most people—even when they hold perspectives different from your own. You enjoy expressing your personal style through the clothes you wear, as well as any media (such as social media) through which you make an impression on others. You infuse your aesthetics into your everyday gestures and expression, like the way you decorate and design your living space. You likely have a natural gift to cultivate in the arts or music. You will also be able to learn how to craft charismatic presentations of your creativity in ways that make a favorable impression on your audience.

Venus Sextile Ascendant Transit

You will tend to feel good about yourself when transiting Venus sextiles your natal ascendant. This boosts your charisma and ability to make a favorable impression on others. You will also feel more receptive to new influences and forms of support that align with your values and interests. As a result, this is a good time to become more active in your local community. You’re more likely not only to notice supportive resources, but also successfully connect and gain access to them. It’s a favorable transit for any sort of self-promotion, on social media or elsewhere, for anything you have created. You will also be drawn toward creating intimate experiences within your relationships, such as going out on a date or making a special dinner at home with a loved one. You may also feel more social during this time, and you’ll especially enjoy attending any artistic, musical, or theatrical performances with friends.

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