Venus Square Ascendant

Venus Square Ascendant Natal & Transit

Born with Venus squaring your ascendant, there is a direct link between your personal style and taste and your public reputation and work in the world. You enjoy putting your personal stamp on whatever you create, build, or manage, infusing your sense of aesthetics into your work. It is important for you to have creative outlets within your career, as well as in your home living space, because you enjoy designing and crafting things that align with your sense of style and harmony. You may have strong artistic or musical skills, giving you the ability to become known for your work in the performing arts (or in jobs where you interact with artists). You may also have a gift for diplomacy and bringing people together. This makes you someone who can mediate conflicts in both your workplace and family environments.

Venus Square Ascendant Transit

When transiting Venus squares off with your natal ascendant, you’re likely to experience significant new developments within your relationships, as well as regarding your sense of values. Key relational encounters may lead you to question the inner values that you have been embodying. You may also come to realize aspects of unconscious patterns that you were previously unaware of, which have been important underlying influences within your relationships. If you find yourself attracted to someone new during this time, it is likely that they embody some personal quality that you are also interested in developing further within yourself. Another theme of this time can be having to balance issues of home versus public career or reputation. For example, if you have been emphasizing your public work at the expense of having nurturing time at home, relational experiences will make you aware of a need to rebalance the competing interests in your life.

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