Mars Sextile Ascendant

Mars Sextile Ascendant Natal

You love the buzz of activity, and have a strong need to be part of that. But you're not one just to go along to get along. You can lead or follow, as long as any objectives are clear, require action, and your own autonomy is respected. You don't mind talking things through, but once ideas have been tossed around well enough to be understood and agreed upon, you enjoy the rush of seeing ideas implemented into practice. Yet, if there's too much talk and not enough follow-through, then you can become irritable and the irritant in the smooth functioning of the group. Likewise, your need for buzz might make it hard to discern whether you want the hum of a well-orchestrated team of individuals or the thrill of controversy because you're so frustrated. Fight to make your need to belong to something thrilling and meaningful work than surrender to cynicism and powerlessness.

Mars Sextile Ascendant Transit

You're in it to win, whatever “it” is, especially if you can make that win more of a group effort. You welcome the idea of a group of individuals united around a common goal. But you're perhaps less tolerant of folks who veer from your perception of unity and that's when you could run into problems with this transit. Instead, you could act more like a sheepdog herding a flock rather than leading or being part of the flock. You come off barking orders or just making noise rather than patiently and collectively thinking up ways to get back on track with goals and intentions. The key is to safeguard the goals and intentions of the team by encouraging and inspiring others rather than letting your frustration with collapsing efforts get the best of you. Burn off stress and bottled up anger by doing something demanding and physical. That way you have more positive energy for what's vital.

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