Mars opposite Ascendant

Mars Opposite Ascendant Natal

You're likely used to more resistance facing you than feeling any support at your back. This might prompt you to be perpetually in a psychologically defensive crouch, expecting and steeling yourself for the next attack, of some kind, from someone or something. Yet, the more you learn to stand up for yourself, less with the anger and more with the clarity and sincerity of purpose and persistence, the more you'll turn foes into friends, colleagues, or even partners. Likewise, you benefit from having close relationships and partners who are edgy, athletic, or assertive. That doesn't mean you have to be more passive. But knowing that someone close to you can stand their ground gives you faith that they'll hold the line down with you, not against you, when necessary. Also, with tough dear ones in your circle, you have people who'll continue to inspire and admire, especially when you're down.  

Mars Opposite Ascendant Transit

It might feel as if the world has openly declared war on you. And even if it realistically not the whole planet, you likely have multiple people, whether intimate partners or complete strangers, expressing hostility toward you, perhaps for no reason. Certainly, some of the charged emotions will seem random. But in closer quarters, with loved ones or co-workers, you'll have to reflect more on whether all this ire has really come from nowhere. Chances are its origins might come from being too passive or indecisive at a critical moment in the not too distant past. You might try to be conciliatory now when appropriate. But chances are you will have to stand your ground. But you needn't do that by matching fire with fire. Stay clear and resolute about your current choices, and when you're at an impasse with someone after that, take a breather and walk away. This will require that your next exchange will be different and maybe with calmer steps toward resolution.

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