Jupiter Sextile Ascendant

Jupiter Sextile Ascendant Natal

You're a natural connector. You bring people of diverse origins or walks of life together almost effortlessly. Perhaps this is because you're trying to bridge gaps in knowledge and understanding between people, rather than concentrating on differences. You love the idea of people coming together for a common cause. But you're equally content just to bring folks together for fun and friendship. You devote a great deal of time, energy, and perhaps even resources to your friends and neighbors. You honor daily the idea that we experience more of the divine through the people we meet. Yet, it is difficult for you to handle meeting people who fundamentally can't get along, or who choose to dislike you. You aim to please, but you must learn that you can't please everybody—and it's not necessarily your fault if they don't like you. Some people just have poor taste. Focus more on the ones who don't.

Jupiter Sextile Ascendant Transit

You're likely to become involved in projects and activities with neighbors, colleagues, or friends. You want to bring people together, whether they have shared backgrounds and opinions or not. Your social calendar could suddenly fill up with more parties, networking events, or conferences. Similarly, you may be drawn to getting involved in social clubs and groups. It's a plus for you if there's a charity or professional development aspect to a group. You're mostly looking to meet new and different people. Even if you're not typically a joiner, you want to belong more. If you have any siblings, you might also give a lot more attention to them. You generally want to please others now, from how you greet them to what you choose to give and receive from them. Additionally, it's a favorable time to freshen up your appearance, perhaps adding some internationally-inspired panache to your wardrobe.

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