Venus Sextile Sun

Venus Sextile Sun Transit

With transiting Venus sextile your natal sun, opportunities for pleasurable experiences and material gains are likely within your reach—if you make the effort to seek them out. This can be a good time for browsing through stores for items on your shopping list or spontaneously deciding to check out a yard sale in your community. It’s a great time to connect with friends for a meal, or to go out to an event happening in your community that’s connected with your personal interests. Make the effort to strike up conversations with people who capture your interest during this time, as this transit supports you in making harmonious connections. If you are in an intimate relationship, this is a perfect time to plan a romantic experience together, or simply find something fun to do together for laughs and excitement. This is a “feel-good” transit to take advantage of and treat yourself to something that will bring you pleasure, affection, or inspiration.

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