Venus Trine Pluto

Venus Trine Pluto Natal

A natal Venus/Pluto trine makes you an empowering presence within your relationships. Not only are you able to penetrate with your perception into the core purpose and drive of others, but you’re also able to relate with them in a way that brings it out. You may have a gift in counseling, or mentoring in a way that shepherds and guides others through death-and-rebirth experiences. Within your personal relationships, you tend to be extremely passionate and all-consuming with your focus. There is nothing wishy-washy about the way you relate: You are either all-in, or not interested. There is also a depth of intensity to your personal style and aesthetics, a quality you can utilize in any creative process. When you engage in art, music, or other forms of creativity, you’re able to channel the visceral depths of your feelings in a way that brings about transformative experiences for yourself as well as your audience.

Venus Trine Pluto Transit

When transiting Venus trines your natal Pluto, you will feel an increased drive to pursue your desires, like being somewhat unconsciously compelled to follow guidance from within your depths. If you have recently felt stuck or blocked in some way from fulfilling your deepest needs, you will feel a softening and opening which prods you toward manifesting them. With easier access to your depths, you will also want intense relational encounters that allow you to express and meet your emerging desires. Although this is most likely a temporary transit, it can still give you the momentary impetus and empowerment needed to initiate a significant step forward in development. If you meet someone new who is connected with your values and purpose, they may prove capable of supplying a needed resource or support that helps uplift you to a new level of growth. In general, you will be able to gain the resources you need from your relationships during this time.

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