Venus Sextile Neptune

Venus Sextile Neptune Natal

Having Venus sextile Neptune at your birth gives you an imaginative, artistic quality that can be utilized in any form of creativity, music, performing arts, or design. You soak up the beauty and ecstasy of the natural world and the art you find inspirational. You enjoy escaping reality through entering fictional worlds created by others, and are also able to create alternative worlds through your own art and creativity. Within your relationships, you can feel like you’re falling into another world through love. After all, you’re an incurable romantic who enjoys daydream and fantasy. But while spending time fantasizing can feel restorative and give you innovative visions, it will be important to develop some sort of skill or structure through which you can transmit your imaginal perceptions into form. You are open and generous with those you care about. These are wonderful, supportive qualities, but you’ll need to learn how to cultivate clearer and stronger boundaries so your goodwill isn’t taken advantage of by others.

Venus Sextile Neptune Transit

You may feel inspired to become more active in art, music, or other forms of creativity when transiting Venus sextiles your natal Neptune. It’s a time in which you can hear the song of the muses calling forth imaginal visions from inside you that you previously didn’t realize were there. During this time, you will feel more like relaxing in daydream and fantasy than having to rigidly adhere to time schedules and deadlines. It will be important to make sure you are following through with the necessary responsibilities. Still, do your best to create extra time and space to actively explore the realm of fantasy. You will enjoy experiencing the arts more at this time, whether that means attending a live performance or watching a film at home. You will feel like having close intimacy with those you love, making it a good time to schedule quality time with your loved ones.

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