Venus Sextile Mercury

Venus Sextile Mercury Natal

With Venus sextile Mercury at the time of your birth, a love of language, words, and ideas enables you to connect your mind and heart through speech and learning. You enjoy making knowledge personally meaningful, not only for yourself but also for others. Throughout life, you will find yourself forging friendships and fellowship with others who share your ideals and values. You will often form important relationships when pursuing learning or developing your skills in whatever craft holds your interest. You are charismatic in conversation and/or the written word, able to magnetize the interest of others through your crafting of charming language. You also have a talent for teaching others. You are able to communicate in a language that inspires people while helping them learn by simplifying complex material into a more understandable form. As you are able to blend your artistic and mental abilities, you likely have a talent for design—a creative field that aligns with your inner sense of values and aesthetics. Whatever creative arena you engage with, you are an innovator within it—whether it’s a medium using your hands, such as weaving and painting, or one utilizing your mind like graphic design and architectural drafting.

Venus Sextile Mercury Transit

Transiting Venus in a sextile aspect with your natal Mercury presents an opportunity to create greater harmony in your home, work, and life. This comes through a combination of assessing your current circumstances and then effectively communicating whatever needs to be done. In general, this tends to be a pleasing time period for socializing with others, making it a good time to plan for an intimate date or enlivening gathering of friends. This is also a good time to work on rearranging or redecorating your home or work environment, in order to decrease clutter and increase organization and pleasing aesthetics. If you have been having difficult relational dynamics with someone, this can also be a productive time period in which to attempt conflict resolution and mediation. If you are able to find some sort of common ground underlying whatever tension has been taking place, you will more easily be able to find the words that bring both sides together into some sort of compromise or solution. You will find your creative impulse gently stimulated during this transit, making it a good time to experiment with new ways of approaching whatever creative process you’ve been engaged with. If you are discovering new desires emerging to manifest, this is a good time to search for supportive resources in your environment.

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