Venus Conjunct Mercury

Venus Conjunct Mercury Natal

A natal Venus/Mercury conjunction gives you a talent for bringing people together through your communication skills. You may have a gift for mediation, conflict resolution, or a variety of therapeutic practices. Your writing or speech bears the stamp of your distinct style, and you are able to integrate your artistic sensibilities into the way you express meaning. There is a poetic quality to the way you express yourself that encapsulates deeper meaning through a symbolic choice of words, tone, and rhythm. You have a talent for synthesizing diverse ideas and aesthetics together. When your curiosity leads you to explore a diverse range of perspectives and concepts within your field of interest, you’re able to find interconnections that unify an underlying meaning. You may be attuned to trends in artistic fields such as music or fashion that enable you to blend different influences together into your own style. You may also be talented in some sort of creative expression utilizing your hands, such as textiles or carpentry, or using technology in an artistic manner such as in graphic design. You may even be especially adept at mercantile activities, such as brokering business deals and negotiations.

Venus Conjunct Mercury Transit

When transiting Venus forms a conjunction with your natal Mercury, it can be a powerful time to express your feelings within relationships. If you are feeling good, you’ll want to find ways to show your affection and appreciation to others, such as cooking a special meal or making or buying a gift. In contrast, if you’re feeling like things are out of balance, you will want to communicate about whatever emotional needs are not being met. You try to find the words that your partner will be receptive to hearing in a way that changes behavior. If you have been experiencing difficulties or conflict with another, this can be a powerful time to attempt some conflict mediation and resolution. You may also feel your creativity stimulated, making it important to create time and space to express yourself through music, art, writing, design, cooking, or any other creative field. Engaging in a creative process will open your awareness to additional influences and ideas that you can integrate to deepen the meaning of whatever you’re working on. This can be a great time to engage in any redecorating or rearranging of your personal space to make it more aesthetically pleasing and harmonious.

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