Venus Square Mercury

Venus Square Mercury Transit

When transiting Venus squares your natal Mercury, you’re likely to become more focused upon changing dynamics in your relationships, work, or finances. You may become aware of new desires emerging from within, which begin to pull your interest in a direction that conflicts with your previous trajectory. If this occurs, it will be best to keep an open mind toward the change-inducing thoughts, while at the same time keeping in mind the temporary nature of this transit. You may be pulled to embark from some sort of comfort zone into unknown territory, and this is often a necessary step to take in order to change your life for the better. However, you will also want to recognize how the way you are engaging with the change is impacting your relationships. Other people in your life may not understand why you’re initiating the changes, and so it will be important to communicate effectively and with integrity about how you are feeling. Another manifestation of this transit could be that instead of you being the one to initiate change in a relationship, it’s coming from someone else. If so, you will need to come to terms with whatever reasons the other person is giving for desiring change. This transit can also manifest as economic changes, such as an increase or decrease in monetary funds or material items, to which you will need to make adjustments.

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