Venus opposite Saturn

Venus Opposite Saturn Natal

A natal Venus/Saturn opposition gives you important lessons to learn about measuring what’s worthwhile and valuable to yourself, versus the external standards of your family, culture, or society. You have high aspirations with regard to ideal forms and idealized expectations, and so you need to be careful not to become overly self-critical when you feel you’re not measuring up. You may have had some difficult relational experiences growing up, with a parent or other authority figure, that had a powerful influence on the way you judge your self-worth. As you cultivate inner security and self-acceptance for your creative process and output, as well as your relationship patterns, you’ll find it easier to strike a healthier balance between enjoying pleasures and maintaining necessary responsibility. In fact, due to your capacity for objectivity and clarifying discernment in your decision making, you have the potential to become a leader or authority within your vocational field of interest.

Venus Opposite Saturn Transit

Any wounding or feelings of insecurity and vulnerability you have been experiencing will become more deeply felt when transiting Venus opposes your natal Saturn. You may have some difficult, challenging feelings rise to your surface awareness during this time. But rather than cursing your fate, use them as an opportunity for self-reflection. Though you may feel like being stoic and sealing yourself off from the encroachment of emotional flooding, allow yourself to feel things deeply. This way, you will not only be able to release the difficult emotions, but may also gain important insights into your relationship patterns and creative process. Instead of restraining action by being too hard on yourself for not achieving the results you expected, use this transit to loosen your creativity and be more playful in finding solutions to whatever problems are present. Don’t be afraid to reach out to others for support and dialogue, as the feedback you receive during this time could be insightful in helping you overcome an obstacle.

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