Venus opposite Mars

Venus Opposite Mars Natal

Being born with Venus in opposition to your natal Mars, you feel a dynamic tension within that leads you to learn powerful lessons about yourself through relationship struggles. You are learning how to assert your own needs and values while balancing the needs and values of those you relate with. This means learning how to maintain your sense of independence, creating time alone for restoration and rejuvenation, while also being able to acknowledge the other person’s needs. In this way, you will be able to embody the integrity of your own inner values without becoming overwhelmed by the values of those you are attracted to and admire. At the same time, your challenges within relationships will help you learn how to set aside your own needs at times when it’s more important to give others what they need. As you learn how to balance this, you will also develop your capacity to successfully express your values and fulfill your needs through societal structures and roles you take on within your community.

Venus Opposite Mars Transit

With transiting Venus in opposition to your natal Mars, you’ll experience a time period in which relational experiences provide you with strong insights into your underlying desires and motivations. During this transit, you will feel like an inner fire has been lit, compelling you to initiate action and pursue your attractions. Whether or not things work out the way you want, the process of taking action on your desires brings greater clarity and awareness of who/what you are attracted to, as well as the underlying value system sourcing your attraction. As you gain self-realization about the inner values that have been motivating you, you will have the opportunity to reconsider and reflect upon what’s truly worthwhile for you to devote your time and attention to. You may realize you want to deepen your relationship with whatever or whomever you’ve been attracted to. Or perhaps you may realize that new desires are beginning to emerge from within. Do your best during this time to listen attentively to the needs of others you are in a relationship with, as well as to your own inner needs.

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