Venus Conjunct Uranus

Venus Conjunct Uranus Natal

Being born with Venus conjunct Uranus, you are attracted to the unconventional and the unusual. You are not likely to have a “normal” relationship in a conventional sense, instead, being drawn into relationships with unorthodox elements that go beyond societal norms. You are capable of having sudden, rapid attractions that lead you to initiate new relationships impulsively. Similarly, some of your relationships will end suddenly and unexpectedly, just as quickly as they began. When a relationship no longer serves its purpose, you are unlikely to hang on to it. You also have a tendency to end relationships on your terms, before the other person ends it on theirs. The relationships that will last for you are those that give you a sense of freedom, inspire you, and help you feel more authentic. You enjoy relationships through which you can follow your ideals, such as being part of causes to initiate social change that you believe in. You can be an inspirational friend, colleague, or partner, someone who incites others to liberate themselves from restraining influences.

Venus Conjunct Uranus Transit

When transiting Venus forms a conjunction with your natal Uranus, you may feel sudden and unexpected changes in your desires. This can be a time of realizing inner changes that have been brewing under the surface without your full awareness. Within your relationships, you may feel like doing something different to disrupt the normal routine. You will feel more spontaneous, and interested in doing something exciting in which you can freely express yourself. This can be an innovative time for any creative or artistic work, as you gain insight into new perceptions that dramatically alter your technique, method, and subject matter. To take advantage of this transit, make time and space for brainstorming and exploring your creativity—anything that can help you receive breakthroughs. This is not a time for the routine and the status quo. Rather, it’s time to do something groundbreaking that cracks open your old values system, reinvigorating your sense of possibilities and potential.

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