Venus Trine Mercury

Venus Trine Mercury

A trine from transiting Venus to your natal Mercury inspires you to synthesize new connections in whatever creative process you have been working on, and rearrange elements in a more harmonious manner. This is an ideal time to focus on any work involving music and the arts. And due to the connections of Venus and Mercury with financial matters, it can also be a profitable time for investments or brokering business deals. The main difficulty with this transit could come from becoming so excited about a new idea or relationship that you overestimate its value to an unrealistic degree, leading to later challenges. During this transit, you will find it easier to communicate in a charismatic way with others in your daily conversations, as well as in any sort of written form. This is a great time for marketing and promotion, both in launching a marketing strategy and devising new ways to promote yourself. This is also an ideal time for networking with others. Put yourself in situations where you can make new connections with people who not only share your ideals and values, but also form a mutually supportive relationship with you.

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