Venus opposite Jupiter

Venus Opposite Jupiter Natal

Strong underlying desires drive you to pursue your ideals on a grand scale when you’re born with Venus opposite Jupiter. You are not someone to do things in moderation or restraint, preferring to go all-in on bringing your dearest dreams and visions into reality. Sometimes you can become hurt or disillusioned by others who don’t seem to feel as strongly as you do, or who aren’t willing to make the same sacrifices as you are in order to fulfill your ideals. Whether you desire to amass wealth and luxury, or instead devote yourself to generous, charitable work on behalf of those in need, you’re someone who will do it to the max. As such, you’ll need to learn to work with others who are not as extreme. In the process of pursuing your ideals, you will form diverse relationships that have an important influence on your inner values and life philosophy. At key moments in your life, you will experience profound realizations and deep changes in your values through the meaning you discover in your significant relationships.

Venus Opposite Jupiter Transit

When transiting Venus opposes your natal Jupiter, important experiences in relationships cause you to question and reconsider the inner values you’ve been embodying and the philosophy of life you live from. This does not necessarily mean that you will feel disillusioned about your ideals, only that it’s likely for you to experience some sort of shift within your idealism—a shedding or a deepening. Be open to taking in new perspectives during this time period and listening to the feedback you are receiving from others within your relationships. By listening to others and being willing to question the beliefs you’ve been holding, you have a better chance of reforming your beliefs and values in a way that feels more authentic. This will also help you be more effective within your surrounding community and relationships. Since you also risk becoming overconfident or overspending needlessly, make sure your choices are grounded in the reality of your current circumstances during this time.

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