Venus opposite Mercury

Venus Opposite Mercury

As Venus opposes your natal Mercury, you will be drawn toward reappraising the value of many aspects of your life, especially in the areas of relationship, livelihood, creativity, and finances. Events that correspond with this transit may lead you to reconsider whatever you have previously found to be the most worthwhile areas or interests to focus upon. It can be helpful during this time to do some self-reflective journaling, or to engage in dialogue with someone you can count on to listen attentively and provide clarifying feedback. You may notice that you’ve been spending money in a way that is not sustainable and that you need to make significant readjustments. You may also realize that the manner in which you’ve been communicating within your relationships requires some modifications to ultimately create greater harmony. Pay attention to the feedback you are receiving from your relationships, discerning if there is anything about the way you’ve been communicating that could be improved. A positive side of this transit is that it offers the potential of gaining greater clarity and objective awareness of how you have been expressing personal meaning to others. Another way this transit can manifest is through becoming interested in new ideas with regard to any sort of creative process or research you have been conducting. This is a time to be reflective and let yourself sift through the meaning and understanding to be found within your encounters.

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