Venus Square Neptune

Venus Square Neptune Natal

A natal square between Venus and Neptune makes you idealistic, believing in the potential to reshape the world around you through your inner vision of imaginative possibilities. You may also be creatively active, someone who not only fantasizes and daydreams but also makes determined effort to manifest your imagination through artistic media or other outlets. Since you can also be overly idealistic about the people you care about, it will be important to develop discernment with regard to what is actually happening in your relationships, versus what you wish was happening. At times, your relationship experiences may lead you into periods of disillusionment that ultimately strip away illusory beliefs and perceptions you had been holding onto. You can utilize times of disillusionment to penetrate into the underlying values that have been sourcing your beliefs and ideals, emerging with a more grounded sense of what’s truly worthwhile to embody.

Venus Square Neptune Transit

When transiting Venus squares your natal Neptune, you will feel inspired to move in new directions with your creativity. Some of the insights you receive during this time may be hard to put into words, but making time to create music or art can give you outlets for expression. Going on hikes in nature can also be helpful, as you will be more receptive to the divine beauty of the natural world. It will also help you to contemplate away from the busyness of your everyday life. Within your relationships, you may have a tendency to project unconscious dynamics onto the other person, leading you toward distorted perceptions such as overly idealizing others. If you feel confused or disoriented regarding relational dynamics, do your best to ground your discernment in the actual, present reality of the other person and maintain healthy boundaries. You may also experience a spiritualizing quality during this time, leading to an expansion of your compassion and interest in charitable work, or a deepening of your involvement in spiritual practices.

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