Venus Sextile Mars

Venus Sextile Mars Natal

When you focus on your desires with resilient determination, a natal Venus/Mars sextile makes you likely to find ways to overcome challenges and succeed. It’s important for you to gain clarity about the underlying values that are most important to you. These will help to guide you in discerning where to target your attention so that you do not become scattered or distracted by having too many interests to fully develop. If you run up against obstacles or setbacks, don’t give up. Instead, make an effort to find supportive resources, as you are someone who is able to work well with others. Part of your success within collaborative partnerships or teams comes from your willingness to compromise with others, rather than needing to enforce your will or seize control. Since you also have a talent for motivating others to follow their passions, you will benefit greatly from forming mutually supportive relationships. You and the other person are able to help one another achieve goals.

Venus Sextile Mars Transit

You will feel a boost in creativity when transiting Venus sextiles your natal Mars, with more desire to be innovative and do something different. This transit brings gentle support for moving yourself out of a stuck place or changing an old pattern into something that feels better for you in the present. You will feel more social and interested in spending intimate time with a close relationship, or attending a fun social activity with friends. Your competitive fires will be stoked with moderation, giving you an extra drive to do your best and achieve victory in a way that allows you to enjoy competitive activities. During this transit, you will tend to feel good and energized to work on what makes you feel passionate, excited, and inspired. You will feel a supportive nudge toward trying something different, or experimenting with your approach to solving any problems that arise.

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