Venus Conjunct Saturn

Venus Conjunct Saturn Natal

With Venus conjunct Saturn at the time of your birth, you’re someone who aspires to build structures and forms in your community that reflect your values and aesthetics. You are ambitious and willing to take on the associated responsibilities required to fulfill your goals through hard work and determined effort. Seen as a charismatic embodiment of the ideals you share with others, you also have the potential to grow into an inspirational leader in your chosen field of interest. Due to your capacity for overcoming obstacles and achieving your aspirations, it will be important to get clear about your authentic values, as separate from the norms and values of your dominant culture. Otherwise, you could risk losing touch with your true ideals in order to appear accomplished according to external, societal standards. In your relationships, when you’re hurt by someone, you have a tendency to put up a barrier of protection sealing yourself off from them. In some cases, this will be necessary, at other times you may have to balance your need for boundaries with the necessity of maintaining a difficult relationship.

Venus Conjunct Saturn Transit

When transiting Venus forms a conjunction with your natal Saturn, you will feel more open to receiving support from others in working toward your aspirations. You may become drawn toward collaborating with someone who shares your values or goals. Or you may meet someone with skills and knowledge that complement and harmonize with your own skillset. In general, you’ll feel a softening of your internal boundaries within all your relationships, becoming more open and receptive to the feelings and viewpoints of others. You will also become more aware of hidden parts of yourself that you tend to ignore, such as underlying feelings of insecurity and loneliness. This can be a powerful time to engage in self-reflective practices such as journaling and meditation—anything that helps you open your awareness to unconscious feelings in need of healing. If you are involved in an intimate relationship, you may feel more open to expressing your vulnerabilities and insecurities to your partner that you normally keep at a distance.

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