Venus Sextile Saturn

Venus Sextile Saturn Natal

Born with a Venus/Saturn sextile, you have an ability to apply discipline and effort toward the crafting and cultivation of your values and aesthetics in tangible, material forms. When you feel passionate about a vision of something beautiful to create, you are able not only to motivate yourself toward manifesting it, but also to seek out and find the resources you’ll need for support. Due to having strong internal motivation, you need to find a career path in which applying effort feels pleasurable. You need to be able to creatively express yourself in your work in some way. Otherwise, feeling stagnated, you will end up lacking the motivation to achieve. You are able to successfully evolve your vocational path over time by listening within to your feelings and emerging desires. Rather than becoming fixated on one chosen path that you don’t allow yourself to divert from, you’re at your best when you allow your inner desires to rejuvenate and reorder your goals and priorities. As long as you remain engaged in work that brings you joy, your strong capacity to form supportive relationships will enable you to succeed in times of transition from one job to another.

Venus Sextile Saturn Transit

Let yourself open to new influences and sources of inspiration, both in your work and in the roles you embody, when transiting Venus sextiles your natal Saturn. This is a time period in which to soften any boundaries you have erected that have been keeping alternative perspectives outside your field of awareness. As you begin to let go of thought patterns you have been holding onto tightly, let yourself be open to messages you receive from your relationships and environment that inspire a new approach to present circumstances. For example, you could become excited by reading a story or watching a performance of storytelling that causes you to rethink how you’ve been prioritizing your goals, or reconsider the values you feel are most important. Or, you could have a powerful conversation with someone in which you gain a major insight about yourself that inspires you to make a foundational change in your life. Whatever new ideas or awareness comes to you during this time, the important thing is to do something with them and make them real in some way.

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