Venus Trine Uranus

Venus Trine Uranus Natal

With a trine between Venus and Uranus in your natal chart, you have an inspirational and liberating impact within your relationships. This is because you enjoy using your creativity and relationships as vehicles for awakening change in others. You are able to sustain committed relationships, but within your partnerships, you need to have a sense of freedom. You must feel encouraged to authentically express your feelings, desires, and values. As an idealistic person, it will be important for you to form relationships with people who align with different aspects of your ideals. You are able to respect people holding different ideals from you, but become fully alive and engaged when you’re able to collaborate and relate with those who feel as passionate as you do about your inner values. When you find yourself in circumstances where you feel unable to be authentic or express yourself freely, you’ll work to mediate the circumstances. You’ll seek to discover ways of breaking free into a different situation that’s more aligned with your values.

Venus Trine Uranus Transit

Desires to express yourself more freely and authentically will rise into your surface awareness and demand expression when transiting Venus trines your natal Uranus. In relationships where you have been repressing or restraining essential aspects of yourself, you will feel inspired to shift the dynamic. In some cases, you may make a sudden change in the way you’ve been relating that surprises the other person. What’s really going on, though, is your need to emancipate yourself from the inhibiting elements of the previous relational dynamic. This can be an exciting time for your creative process, in which you can make innovative strides in any crafts or mediums utilizing your artistic or imaginal abilities. You’re not interested in doing things the way you or others have done them before. Instead, you’re finding the most direct and exciting way to express your feelings and desires in your work and relationships.

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