Venus Conjunct Mars

Venus Conjunct Mars Natal

Being born with Venus conjunct Mars gives you strong desires to form partnerships and friendships, and a charismatic ability to attract people who share your interests. As you’re interested in discovering new ways of relating, you are curious about exploring different forms of relationship and relational partners. You are capable of being in a committed relationship. But even within a monogamous relationship, it will be important for you to have a partner who is not controlling and understands your need for freedom in forming relationships with a variety of people. You thrive within collaborative relationships, as you are able to feed off the energy of others and also enjoy stimulating the creativity of others. You can be ambitious and competitive. But you do well as part of a team dynamic in which you focus on the success of the group, rather than merely your own individual achievement.

Venus Conjunct Mars Transit

When transiting Venus forms a conjunction with your natal Mars, you will feel creatively, energetically, and sexually stimulated. You’ll have a visceral sense of your desires, and will want to assert yourself in pursuit of them. It will be important to find healthy outlets to express your energy, as it could otherwise become bottled up and explosive. You will feel heartfelt courage to take action on whatever you’re passionate about. This is an exciting time to go off on an adventure with a partner or group of friends—anything that gets you actively engaged with others. Outdoor activities that also involve social interaction are ideal for this transit, as they make space for the relational focus of Venus and Mars’ need for action. This can also be an innovative time within any field of creativity you are engaged with, and so it will be important to make time and space to experiment with your art and express your creativity.

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