Venus Square Pluto

Venus Square Pluto Natal

With Venus squaring Pluto at the time of your birth, you have a strong drive to fulfill your deepest desires and a willingness to persist through initiatory periods of death and rebirth along your journey. You are faced with the challenge of coming to understand the depth of who you are at a soul level. As part of this process, you may need to go through periods of loss and renewal. The difficult feelings you experience in challenging relationships will ultimately lead you to discover a deeper sense of self-love and acceptance. At times, it may feel like you’ve lost your self-worth or had it taken from you in a relationship. But in fact, you will always have an opportunity to recover and regenerate your self-value, ultimately becoming stronger through the process. The more you are able to cultivate your self-worth and meet your own needs, the more you’ll be able to guard against becoming consumed by a relationship and compulsively needing the other person to fulfill you.

Venus Square Pluto Natal Transit

You will feel drawn toward having greater intensity and deeper connection in your relationships when transiting Venus squares your natal Pluto. During this time, you may become fascinated by certain people who represent qualities you’re presently wanting to develop further within yourself. If you meet someone new who is especially exciting and compelling, you will need to guard against becoming compulsively drawn to being with them. The key is to realize the regenerative, changing nature of whatever you consider valuable and worthwhile to embody. If you enter a period of disruptive discord or conflict in a relationship, do your best to mediate the conflict so your relational dynamic doesn’t become destructive. Most likely, there is an underlying change in needs and values happening underneath the surface. The more you can focus on fulfilling your own emerging desires, the more likely you will ultimately cultivate vital strength and growth from the process.

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