Venus Square Moon

Venus Square Moon Natal

Relationships will be a driving force of change in your life when you’re born with the moon square Venus. You are capable of cultivating stability in your material circumstances. But at key points, a change in your desire for whomever you’re in a relationship with indicates that you’re entering a process of transformation that will affect numerous aspects of your life. It can feel difficult and upsetting to let go of old attachments and the comfort of how things have been. But in the end, you are more likely to choose to follow whatever change in heart is occurring for you, and leave the old for the new. You have an openness and curiosity to explore newly emerging interests. At times, you can become extremely fascinated—even obsessed—with pursuing whatever is holding essential value for you.

Venus Square Moon Transit

A square between transiting Venus and your natal moon makes you more receptive to noticing changing dynamics within your relationships, as well as within your own desires. You may notice less of an attachment to things you had previously found to be valuable. You begin to feel that it’s more worthwhile to focus on different relationships, ideals, or creative pursuits. This can be a helpful transit in terms of letting go of things you had become overly fixated upon. The more you can embrace change during this time, the better you will be able to move through it. Your passions may be incited in a way that makes you do something impulsive, which you hadn’t previously considered doing. As a result, it will be helpful to cultivate as much self-reflection and patience as possible, so you don’t react in a way that you’ll later regret. You may feel more sensitive today than normal, and more vulnerable to becoming triggered within your conversations and interactions with others. Keeping this in mind, if you notice yourself getting drawn into a conflict with someone, do your best to defuse tensions before it becomes escalated. Due to being more susceptible to projecting inner issues into your external relationships, you may not be accurately perceiving things

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