Venus Conjunct Moon

Venus Conjunct Moon Natal

A moon/Venus conjunction in your natal chart inclines you toward cultivating an art of living that’s pleasing to yourself, as well as to your loved ones. You have empathy within your relationships, identifying with the feelings of others in a way that allows you to be a soothing, harmonious friend. You tend to want people to get along, and avoid conflict and strife as much as possible. At times, this makes you attractive to others. But in the long run, you’ll need to focus on living from your authentic values in order to have healthy relationships—rather than going along with others to keep the peace. You need to have a sense of style and surround yourself with whatever you consider beautiful and comforting. You can express your emotions through your aesthetics, whether that be in the choice of a color to wear or the way you artfully prepare a meal.

Venus Conjunct Moon Transit

With transiting Venus conjunct your natal moon, you’ll feel like doing something to take care of whatever is valuable to you. If you have a romantic partner or children, you will feel like being affectionate with them, buying or making a gift for them, or doing something nurturing like cooking them a special meal. You will also feel especially creative today. If you perform music or are involved in any of the arts, it is an excellent time to make space to explore and express your creativity. You may also be drawn toward self-care, finding ways to soothe and nourish your body as well as your inner emotions. This is a day in which you are more likely than normal to spend money on something to make yourself feel good, or to bring joy to someone you care about. If you have been going through some difficult emotions recently, you may need to be careful about overspending on items as an emotional coping mechanism. You will enjoy attending any social gathering involving the performing or visual arts, making it a great time to go out with friends. In general, you will feel more like harmonizing and unifying things than normal, finding ways to bring pleasure to yourself and those you are in a relationship with.

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