Venus opposite Uranus

Venus Opposite Uranus Natal

A natal Venus/Uranus opposition means you’ll need to learn how to balance your desires for harmonious stability in relationship with your desires for excitement, change, and freedom from restrictive circumstances. You are attracted to unorthodox relationships and people who in some way go against societal conventions. For example, you may become involved with someone with whom you’re able to pursue unconventional interests. You become attracted to sudden intensity, rapidly accelerating your involvement before taking the time to figure out how well suited you are for one another. Moreover, you’re also capable of ending relationships quickly—and may become involved in some unstable relationships that trigger abandonment issues. If you so desire, you are capable of being in a committed relationship. But it’s essential that you feel free to express yourself, as you will rebel against anyone who tries to control you. At your best, you’re able to cultivate creative, dynamic relationships that have an inspirational and spontaneous quality—while also being mutually supportive of each person’s authentic path.

Venus Opposite Uranus Transit

You may suddenly discover that you’re attracted to someone unexpected, when transiting Venus opposes your natal Uranus. Or you may rapidly become interested in pursuing a new direction with any creative process you’ve been engaged in. You will feel like breaking up any stale routines in which your senses have become dulled by the monotony of repetition and normalcy. During this time, you’ll become drawn to doing things differently. You may also find yourself attracted to forming a relationship with someone new, who represents vastly different qualities than your typical friends and associates. Pay attention: Reflecting upon any changes in taste and values you experience during this time can reveal deeper shifts that are beginning to take shape. These may lead to even bigger changes in the future. You may also become interested in experimenting with new technologies in your work and creative process, especially anything that increases your ability to innovate within your field of interest.

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