Venus Sextile Uranus

Venus Sextile Uranus Natal

Having Venus sextile Uranus in your natal chart means you’re someone who enjoys being spontaneous in both relationships and creativity. You need to feel free to express your authentic feelings and will feel stifled and frustrated in any situations where you’re expected to restrain yourself. You enjoy being playfully erratic at times, doing something unexpected to surprise a friend or disrupt the normal routine. You seek the unconventional in some way, whether the source of your fascination is from an old tradition or something more future-oriented. Rather than following the societal norms of your present culture, you will become drawn to finding alternative viewpoints and sharing your newfound perspective with others. You are drawn toward awakening in relationships—not only awakening yourself or your partner, but also the surrounding culture, to a new way of being in a relationship. You may be drawn toward movements that are aligned with your ideals and focused on making reforms or initiating social change.

Venus Sextile Uranus Transit

A sextile between transiting Venus and your natal Uranus makes you aware of newly emerging desires, which incite you to take spontaneous action in an unexpected direction. This is a good time to be open to new possibilities, becoming more playful and willing to employ greater amounts of creativity and innovation in whatever you’re working on. You may feel like redecorating your home, experimenting with a new recipe or style of cooking, or incorporating a drastically different technique or method in an artistic process. Within your relationships, you will enjoy breaking up old routines in order to do something different with your partner that brings excitement through novelty. You may also find yourself attracted to more unusual people than normal. If so, you may discover insights into your own changing nature by reflecting upon what underlying values set these people apart from the ones you’re normally drawn toward.

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