Venus Square Uranus

Venus Square Uranus Natal

A natal square between Venus and Uranus means you’ll have to learn how to balance your needs for stability in relationship with your underlying desires for freedom and spontaneous change. You need to keep things moving, and will cause disruption or do something erratic if things within a relationship become too stale, rigid, or conventional. At times, you may become absorbed by an exciting new interest that causes you to detach from the relationships already in place in your life. Through a liberating experience, you may become fascinated by a new vision of what you could create with your life. If so, it will be important to figure out how to begin integrating elements of it into your present circumstances. If you feel unable to embody the newfound sense of authenticity within your life structures and relationships, you could risk dissociating into fantasy, rather than making the insights real in tangible form and expression.

Venus Square Uranus Transit

When transiting Venus squares your natal Uranus, desires for relationship, pleasure, and beauty may lead you to make sudden choices that bring rapid change to your previous circumstances. During this time, relational patterns that you have been sustaining will crack open, allowing you to sense a way of breaking free from how you’ve previously been relating. At a core level, you are being called to liberate yourself from circumstances and patterns that have been restraining your authentic expression. Whereas you previously may have been resigned to refraining from certain desires, this transit can incite you to pursue them. Do your best to make time for self-reflection and considering the repercussions of the change you feel like setting in motion. In many cases, you will feel compelled to make the change no matter what. But do your best to communicate, as clearly as possible, your reasons for making the changes within the relationships that will be impacted.

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