Venus opposite Neptune

Venus Opposite Neptune Natal

With Venus opposing Neptune at the time of your birth, you have lessons to learn in balancing the ideals of your imagination with the actual reality of your relationships and life circumstances. You are a dreamer who can yearn for the rainbow or greener grass of a different reality. Your inner visions inform your creative process, and when you’re in the flow, it’s as if inspiration is welling up from within like a replenishing spring. However, at times you can be overly optimistic about what is possible for you to do within the limitations of your material circumstances. This brings a need to be more realistic in your path toward manifesting your dreams. You are capable of immense love and devotion within your relationships. But due to your propensity for desiring the idyllic and perceiving the highest potential of others, you also tend to be attracted to people whose reality contrasts with your impression of them. With experience, you will learn how to be more discerning and form healthier boundaries within your relationships.

Venus Opposite Neptune Transit

As transiting Venus opposes your natal Neptune, you may feel pulled into a dream world of your ideals and the way you wish things could be in your relationships. You may feel a great heart opening during this time, and desire to be devotional to something or someone. Yet you will need to bring your relational and emotional fantasies into balance so that your perceptions do not become clouded by romantic fogginess. As long as you can maintain a degree of groundedness and discernment, this can be a beautiful time of softening your feelings and being more receptive to intimacy and closeness within your relationships. It can also be a creatively fertile time, as your imagination will feel activated in ways that can be channeled into music and other artistic mediums. Since you could feel many deep feelings stirred up during this time, you may also feel cathartic release through watching a dramatic artistic performance, play, or film.

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