Venus opposite Moon

Venus Opposite Moon Natal

With a natal opposition between the moon and Venus, you navigate the tension between your inner emotional experience and your external relationships. At times, you may feel like your sensual needs are at odds with your emotions. But when you find a balance between your emotional expression and values, you will be able to nurture and cultivate harmonious relationships. It will be important for you to develop skills in self-reflection and contemplation, such as through journaling, meditation, or therapeutic modalities. By increasing your ability to explore your inner life, you will learn how to become aware of the way you project your inner feelings into your external relationships. Otherwise, you are susceptible to having your emotions distort your perceptions so that you are not clearly aware of the other person’s intentions. As you develop your skills in self-analysis, you will also gain the capacity to become an insightful counselor or mentor for others. You will become capable of helping them uncover their own emotional projections within their relationships.

Venus Opposite Moon Transit

As transiting Venus opposes your natal moon, you may feel a longing to reach out to friends and loved ones for social activities or intimate conversations. You may also become aware of new desires emerging for a relationship, which lead you into increased social activity and meeting new people. It’s a good time to focus on self-care, nurturing yourself, and tending to your inner feelings. You will feel anything that has been out of balance within your relationships, and any emotional needs of yours that have not been met. Being able to express your feelings with a partner or friend will not only help them become aware of what’s going on with you. You will also gain greater clarity and objectivity by hearing their feedback. Relationships will tend to be an important area of growth and meaning for you during this transit. But it can also be a more solitary and creatively productive time period. If you perform music or are involved in any sort of artistic or literary expression, you will discover during this time that you’re able to channel emotional issues into your work inventively and imaginatively. By expressing emotions and inner desires through creative processes, you may also gain important insight into your feelings.

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