Venus Sextile Jupiter

Venus Sextile Jupiter Natal

A natal sextile between Venus and Jupiter means that you are naturally supportive within relationships. You enjoy not only cultivating your own contentment but also bringing joy to those you care about. You have an uplifting quality of being optimistic and generous, as well as socially astute with a knack for finding common ground and creating harmonious interactions. Being open to where the voyage of discovery takes you, you love learning and finding opportunities to explore new knowledge. Rather than becoming rigid or inflexible in your perspective, you are someone who remains open and flexible to receiving new interests and ideas. You enjoy embodying your interests through your aesthetics and personal style, and can synthesize whatever systems of knowledge you are exploring through your creative expression. You are capable of being a charismatic teacher who inspires students and designs innovative, creative methods for disseminating the knowledge you have to share. Though you enjoy being social with a wide variety of people, you are especially drawn toward meeting people who share your ideals and can enhance your understanding of your interests.  

Venus Sextile Jupiter Transit

As transiting Venus sextiles your natal Jupiter, you will feel creatively stimulated and inspired to express yourself. This makes it an ideal time to be active in any form of art, music, or performance. During this time, you will feel motivated to express your values in the wider community through some creative form. But through your involvement in the creative process, you will also be able to gain a greater understanding of the meaning and purpose you’ve been developing in your life. Relationships can now be fruitful in terms of meeting new people or deepening existing relationships that align with your interests and ideals. Your relational exchanges with others during this time will seed new ideas and insights for you to further develop within your own work. This can be a fruitful time to take a community workshop or class regarding something you are passionate about. Not only will you be receptive to learning in a social environment, but it will also place you in a situation where you can form new, mutually supportive relationships.

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