Venus Square Mars

Venus Square Mars Natal

Born with Venus in a square aspect to Mars, you have a passionate and ardent nature. You’re willing to go after what you want with determination. Your individualistic streak drives you to embody inner values that resonate with your authenticity. At times, this quality will cause you to break away from any societal or community influences that do not resonate with you. When your ideals are at odds with mainstream society or your peers, you can become angered by those holding conflicting values. In order to collaborate and work effectively with others, you will need to figure out what is a deal-breaker versus what you can tolerate in a relationship. You have a competitive drive that will help you in situations where you need to be ambitious and achieve victory. At other times, though, it can create unnecessary frustration within relationships. Cultivating creative outlets to express inner tension will help you release difficult feelings, and come to a deeper understanding of your own desires.

Venus Square Mars Transit

When transiting Venus squares your natal Mars, your desires will be stimulated both creatively and within relationships. During this time period, you can make a creative breakthrough by coming up with new ways to express yourself or separating from old ways of doing things that were no longer working. This is a great time to experiment with any type of creative or artistic expression, as you’re likely to spontaneously discover an innovative new style or technique. It’s helpful not only to be open to change but to listen within to any newly emerging desires that can guide you forward into unknown territory. You may feel increased levels of sexual desire, or become aware of a new attraction. So, rather than being impulsive, use discernment regarding the consequences of acting on inflamed desires. In some way, this will be a dynamic period of change that can ultimately lead you to reconsider your most important values.

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