Venus Trine Mars

Venus Trine Mars Natal

A trine between Venus and Mars in your natal chart gives you not only strong desires but also the inner capacity to bring them into manifestation. When you are passionate about an idea, you’re able to put all of yourself into its implementation, magnetizing supportive resources and taking advantage of the opportunities that arise. You are charismatic and able to cultivate a personal style and creative expression that reflects your unique character. You are creatively fertile, not only with your own work but also in your ability to inspire others to be productive. You thrive in a relationship and within collaborative partnerships. You’re able to work well as part of any team dynamic, as long as you make sure to listen to others rather than enforcing your own ideas. Though being in a relationship is important to you, you are also able to successfully work independently when needed. You have an inventive, innovative ability to make the most out of the circumstances you find yourself in.

Venus Trine Mars Transit

As transiting Venus trines your natal Mars, you will be strongly motivated to pursue your desires and willing to take risks in making substantive strides forward. Not only will you tend to feel inspired during this transit, but your enthusiasm can also be so infectious that you simultaneously motivate others to make significant progress toward their goals. This is a time period in which to be active and get involved in whatever you are interested in and feel passionate about. The more you can get out into your community and work toward your aspirations during this transit, the greater likelihood you’ll activate its potential to bring you new friends and relationships aligned with your values and interests. You will also feel amplified creativity, making it an ideal time to put in extra work on any artistic, musical, or creative efforts.

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