Venus Conjunct Jupiter

Venus Conjunct Jupiter Natal

With Venus conjunct Jupiter at the time of your birth, your expansive vision of what’s possible to create and achieve in life makes you an inspirational presence for others. Your belief in your ability to manifest big dreams is a key element to your success. Meanwhile, your jovial, generous, and optimistic perspective helps you attract supportive resources and relationships. You appear to have the luck of being in the right place at the right time, but it’s more about your ability to take advantage of opportunities that arise. However, sometimes your desires can be overly grandiose, conceiving plans that go beyond what you can realistically achieve in present circumstances. Within relationships, you can also have issues around excessive feelings and a lack of boundaries. This makes it important to form relationships with people who can match your capacity for giving unconditionally. It will also be helpful to balance your need to be social with making space to be alone, in order to reflect and rejuvenate. Doing so will also help you clarify your inner values and re-center within your own authenticity.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter Transit

When transiting Venus forms a conjunction with your natal Jupiter, following your attractions and desires will help you come to a deeper realization of the values and purpose that are most meaningful to you. You will feel creatively potent, making it a fertile period to engage in any kind of art, music, writing, or performance. Your ideals will feel stimulated and you’ll be more willing than normal to follow your heart, rather than restraining or restricting yourself from following your dreams. You will feel affectionate, with big feelings, and be drawn toward doing something adventurous with a loved one or friends. Feeling generous, you could suddenly have an urge to make a large purchase or lavish a friend with a special gift. The main thing to be careful of during this transit is becoming excessive. You could overspend, overeat, or become overly consumed with feelings that make it difficult to maintain healthy boundaries with the object of your affections.

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